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Leonie Siri MacMillan



My  background in film making has inspired me to create narratives for my ceramic pieces in which science and mythology intertwine in comment to the human condition.  By using the symbol of The Goddess, I am able to link past and present mythologies.

My  production technique uses combinations of high fired clays, experimenting with plaster cast molds, textured markings and melted glass. I hand-build and throw on the wheel. Colour is then applied using slips and self-made glazes which have been informed by abstract colour sketches.  The narrative of the piece is then sometimes completed by adding photographic decals.

Ceramics create an enduring record, that when embedded with photographs become a message for the future. It reminds me of the geology of the earth, and it feels magical and profound to create in this way.

I have been working on sculptural ways to represent the Inuit myth of Sedna Goddess of the Sea, with clay. I am incorporating the shapes, textures, colours, and ideas that I have been gathering with my paintings and sketches of whales.

Through overcoming grief Sedna transforms from a human into a sea goddess. She protects all sea creatures, and is a great symbol for marine conservation.

At the moment I am on the MFA Fine Art course at DJCAD in Dundee. I have begun an exploratory body of work retracing my Orcadian ancestry, reclaiming ancient tales that speak of the mysteries of the sea. I will be creating my own mythical goddess inspired by Selkies, Finfolk and magical Islands.  This goddess will be searching to find an ethereal balance between humans and nature. 


Sedna dreaming.jpg
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