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Sedna Transforming.jpg

Sedna Transforming. Black stoneware,
12cm x 8cm. 

Sedna Transforming , whale grooves.jpg

Sedna Transforming II, Black stoneware, 12cm x 7cm. 

Bronze sedna 1 .JPG

Sedna swims, Bronze. 28cm x 15cm .

sedna fist 2.JPG

Sedna Resting, Black stoneware and porcelain slip, 16cm x 6cm.

Leonie MacMillan _Cailleach II Three quarters_edited.jpg

Cailleach .Red stoneware, slips and glazes. 26cm x 15cm. Showing in The Landscape Awards exhibition, City Arts Centre,  Edinburgh.


Sedna on the rocks. Polished black stoneware. 8cm x 4cm.


Black whale. Polished black stoneware, 40cm x 12cm. 

Barnacle Sedna.jpeg

Barnacle Sedna. Inspired by Barbara Hepworth's 1930's 'Figure'. Red stoneware and slips. stoneware. 25cm x 8cm. 

Black Whale and swimmer.jpeg

Minke whale and swimmer. Black polished stoneware. 45cm x 12cm. 

Big Sedna 1.JPG

Sedna evolves. Black Stoneware clay , 40cmx20cm.


Humpback Whale. Sculpture crank and glaze. 40cm x 12cm. 

 Ceramics  by Leonie Siri MacMillan, images by Siri .


Film 1 made by Brian Anderson 

Film 2 made by Siri..

Web design by Stew Talbot /Siri .

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