Oil Paintings .


From This Moment. Oil and Pencil on Canvas 41cm x 51cm. £400


Lethean. Oil on Board 73cm x29cm. £400


Sedna and the Whale.  Oil on board, 92cmx 50 cm. Sold


Sedna and the Whale II. Oil on board , 37cm x 24 cm. £300

IMG_2319 (2) (2020_05_25 17_06_20 UTC).J

Close Encounters.  Oil on Board, 30cm x 20cm. £300

IMG_2320 (2) (2020_05_25 17_06_20 UTC).J

Big Blue. Oil on Board, 23cm x 32 cm. £300

IMG_2311 (3) (2020_05_25 17_06_20 UTC).J

Sleeping whale.  Oil on board 28cm x 18cm.NFS

IMG_2323 (2) (2020_05_25 17_06_20 UTC).J

Dreaming Whale. Oil on Board, 23cm x 34 cm.NFS

More paintings are available , please message me if you are interested, commissions also taken.