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Pottery Workshops

I run Ceramic workshops for adults and children.

Upcoming Events - Friday Workshops .

No workshops in 2020 until further notice.


Adult Workshops start on Friday  13th September 2019.  The course runs every Friday , during the University term.  



Workshops will be on Fridays,  from 5.30pm to 6.30pm at All Saints Church hall, St Andrews. (The hall is in a little courtyard on North Castle St. which is between the Cathedral and The Younger Hall on North St.)


   Please feel free to drop in , without booking.  It costs £6 per session, this includes materials and firing. ( This is based on one  piece of work about the size of a mug or less,  anything bigger will cost a bit extra for materials etc.).


15 places are available , so places will be given on a first come first served basis.

To keep costs low  we need to leave the hall at 6.30pm, so please give me a hand with tidying up.

Everybody is welcome !


Description of Workshop


My classes are for students of all abilities.   New students will learn basic construction methods , and the principles of firing and glazing. 

Experienced students are encouraged to work on individual projects with support.  

Students are offered advice and suggestions on how to work with the clay.  The environment is relaxed and informal.  


Experimentation and discussion are encouraged.   The class will draw on, and share, artistic influences.


Every week I shall present a project and demonstrate how it is to be made.

Working with Clay for Relaxation


From my own experience working with adults, children and those with head injuries, I have found that people become very relaxed and have an enjoyable experience.  As I have taught St Andrew’s University students in my classes at All Saints Church Hall,  many have commented on how they have forgotten the stresses of the day and get completely absorbed by the clay. 


Clay is extremely tactile, simply touching it can be relaxing.  Also, anybody can make something with clay regardless of ability -  there is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from making something. 


We listen to relaxing music while working, so it is comfortable working in silence or with discussion. 

Lisa Koduthore , who graduated from St Andrews University this year wrote:

 'I joined Leonie’s pottery workshops earlier this year in an attempt to find creative outlets to offset the pressure and stress of my degree. These workshops became a sanctuary for me, a place in which to unwind, breathe, reconnect and reflect.

New to the craft, the sensuality and corporeality of pottery and ceramic intrigue me. The sensation of dense, moist clay in my hand, its elasticity, resistance and breath. The magic of creating, of seeing a mystical creature, a fragile pot, an intricate earring, taking on life, shape and form – almost by itself! A bit of pressure here, a little bit of extra clay there, springing from the moment, from movement without thought – it is a truly powerful experience.'   July 2018.






Children's classes, or one off group sessions welcome. Please contact me for further details.






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